People based in Tunisia


Name Biography
Ms Hedi BenCherif Ms Hedi BenCherif is chairman at Hélion Capital since August 2010.
Mr Sonia Dekhili Ms Sonia Dekhili is Head of finance department and general means at Bna Capitaux.
Mr Mohamed Mseddi Mr Mohamed Mseddi is Head of Corporate Services at Bna Capitaux.
Mr Amina Kechiche Jedidi Ms Amina Kechiche Jedidi is Sales Portfolio Manager at Bna Capitaux since August 2008
Mr Moez Hadidane Mr Moez Hadidane is Mutual Fund Asset Manager at Axis Gestion since July 2015.
Mr Marouen Sabkhi Mr Marouen Sabkhi is Asset Manager at Amen Invest since July 2010.
Mr Mohamed Aymen Hajri Mr Mohamed Aymen Hajri is Commercial Manager at Amen Invest since July 2014.
Mr Amine Ghrir Mr Amine Ghrir is Manager of IT Administration at Amen Invest since September 2010.
Ms Nadia Hanafi Ms Nadia Hanafi serves at Amen Invest as Deputy Manager of Financial Affairs since May 1997.
Mr Chaibi Sofien Mr Chaibi Sofien serves at Amen Invest as Business Development Director since 2006 and as sales Development Director since May 2010.
Mr Karim Blanco Mr Karim Blanco is Head of Research & Corporate Finance at Amen Invest since September 2009.
Mr Charrad Riadh Mr Charrad Riadh is Sevices Manager at CGF since March 2016
Mr Mourad Hachicha Mr Mourad Hachicha is Foreign customers Sales Manager at MAC SA since September 2014
Ms Jihene Ben Fadhel Ms Jihene Ben Fadhel is Head of Corporate Finance of Mac SA since September 2001
Mr Mohamed Abdelwaheb Cherif Mr Mohamed Abdelwaheb Cherif is the founder and the Chairman of Mac SA in 1992.
Mr Firas Ben Hamida Mr Firas Ben Hamida is IT Manager at Cofib Capital Finance since April 2005.
Ms Héla Menchari Ms Héla Menchari is Board member at Cofib Capital Finance
Mr Koubeyl El Abed United Gulf Financial Services North Africa.
Mr Karim Abdelkafi Mr Karim Abdelkafi is General Manager at Cofib Capital Finance
Ms Ranim Fekih Ahmed Ms Ranim Fekih is Head of Capital Market department at United Gulf Financial Services North Africa

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