People based in Tunisia


Name Biography
Mr Jameleddine BELHAJ ABDALLAH Mr. Jameleddine BELHAJ ABDALLAH is a Chairman at SITS since june,2016
Ms Héla Hariz Héla Hariz is a Board Member at CELLCOM since Mai , 2016
Mr Pierre Bérégovoy Pierre Bérégovoy is a Board Member at Union Bancaire pour le Commerce et l'Industrie since June , 2016
Mr Mehdi CHARFI Mr Mehdi CHARFI is Senior member of the Swicorp PE team ,Investment Committee member and Board member of several portfolio companies
Mr Slim Besbes Mr Slim Besbes is Board Member at Syphax Airlines since 17 April 2015.
Mr Ahmed Ben Amor Mr Amed Ben Amor owns 1.54% at Officeplast company
Mr Mongi Bousbia Mr Mongi Bousbia is Chairman at Société des Fermetures et Emballages en Plastique.
Mr Mohamed Larbi Caid Essbesi Mr Mohamed Larbi Caid Essbesi is General Manager of L'Accumulateur Tunisien ASSAD
Mr Adel Bensaid Mr Adel Bensaid is Technical Manager at SBT
Mr Brahmia Jamil Mr Brahmia Jamil is General Manager at SBT
Mr Lassaad Ben Anaya Mr Lassaad Ben Anaya is head of Agency at Tunisie Valeurs since January 2011
Ms Meriem Bergaoui Ms Meriem Bergaoui is Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs at Tunisie Valeurs since July 2011.
Mr Ramzi Dghaies Mr Ramzi Dghaies is Agency Director at Tunisie Valeurs May 2012.
Mr Walid Kriaa Mr Walid Kriaa is Branch Manager at Tunisie Valeurs.
Mr Issam Ayari Mr Issam Ayari is Director of Foreign Institutional Sales at Tunisie Valeurs since August 1993 .
Mr Zied Largueche Mr Zied Largueche is Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Tunisie Valeurs since October 2009
Mr Aziz Salah Mr Aziz Salah is asset manager at Tunisie Valeurs since June 2014
Ms Hedi BenCherif Ms Hedi BenCherif is chairman at Hélion Capital since August 2010.
Mr Sonia Dekhili Ms Sonia Dekhili is Head of finance department and general means at Bna Capitaux.
Mr Mohamed Mseddi Mr Mohamed Mseddi is Head of Corporate Services at Bna Capitaux.

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