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Name Biography
Mr Mohamed Iraqi Mr Mohamed Iraqi is Board Member at Societe Nationale d'Electrolyse et de Petrochimie.
Mr Javier Serra Callejo Mr Javier Serra Callejo is Board Member at Société Nationale de Sidérurgie since June 2013. He is appointed as Regional General Counsel for Southern Europe and Northern Africa since 2006 at ArcelorMittal. He also serves as Vice-Board Secretary of ArcelorMittal España S.A. Mr Callejo is graduated from Autonomous University of Madrid with his Licensees degree in Law in 1987.
Mr Gerard Ferguson Mr Gerard Ferguson is Board Member at Sonasid.
Mr Jean Paul Ordioni Mr Jean-Paul Ordioni is Board Member at Société Nationale de Sidérurgie since June 2014.
Mr Francis Lefèvre Mr Francis Lefèvre is board member at société Nationale de Sidérurgie since December 2010. He has been Vice President of Internal Assurance-Arcelor Mittal of Mittal Steel Temirtau JSC and JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau since June 7, 2007. Mr Lefèvre is responsible for Internal Assurance at ArcelorMittal. He joined the steel industry in 1992 at the Liège (Belgium) works as an internal auditor, served as an Audit Director at Deloitte-Coopers for ten years. Mr Lefèvre served as Financial Director of the Liège unit since 2000, and, within Arcelor and ArcelorMittal, served as Senior Vice President Business Risk Control since 2005.
Mr Enrique De La Rubiera Mr Enrique De La Rubiera was Chairman of Sonasid and resigned in September 2010.
Mr Mohamed Karim Berrada Mr Mohamed Karim Berrada is Board Member at Société de Thérapeutique Marocaine.He is also owns 0,0151% of its capital
Ms Amal Diouri Ms Amal Diouiri is Board Member at Société de Thérapeutique Marocaine.He also Owns 1 % of its capital.
Mr Said El Baghdadi Mr Said El Baghdadi graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris (Promotion 1991). During his professional career, Mr El Baghdadi held several positions from 1991 to 1999 at Procter & Gamble Morocco including Manager Customer Service & Supply Chain, then joined in 1999 Morocco Telecom as an advisor in the Office of the President and consumer sales Director. Mr El Baghdadi co-founded Avendis Group where he held the position of Managing Director of logistics functions, finance, information systems and human resources. Mr El Baghdadi is General Manager of the fuel distribution company Afriquia SMDC since 2004.
Mr Pierre-André Wiltzer Mr Pierre-André Wiltzer is Board Member at Societe de Travaux de Realisation d'Ouvrages et de Construction since July 2010. Mr Wiltzer has made a career in the state administration, in the Prefectural Corps and the State Council, before engaging in politics. He is a Direct collaborator of several Ministers and Prime Ministers, including Mr Raymond BARRE 1976 to 1988, he was then elected and re-elected five times MP for Essonne (south of the Paris Region) between 1986 and 2002, when it was appointment as Minister for Cooperation, Development and Francophonie. M Wiltzer holds office as independent Director within the French Society SOMDIAA (production and marketing of agricultural and food products). Until May 2010, Mr Wiltzer was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the French Development Agency (AFD), institution to implement any international cooperation of France. Since the end of his tenure, he led the Company "PAW Council", which supports companies in their international development.
Mr Ronan Cyril Le Guellec Mr Ronan Cyril Le Guellec serves at Societe de Travaux de Realisation d'Ouvrages et de Construction as Board Member since July 2010 & Manager of Administration and Financial Affairs since October 2010. He also serves as Manager of Administration and Financial Affairs at Amana Salaf since early 2013, at Al istimrar Holding company since August 2013, & Handassa Entreprise since early 2012. Mr Ronan was previously Consultant Senior SAP Finance at Viseo USA Inc. for 3 years 3 months (October 2008-November 2011). He held the same position at Vi-One North Africa for 2 years 1 month (October 2006–October 2008). He also was employed as Cost Controller Assistant at Montupet UK for 5 months (April 2003-August 2003) & Marketing Coordinator Assistant at Lectra for 7 months (March 2002-September 2002). Le Guellec holds a diploma from l’école multinationale des affaires de Bordeaux Ecole de Management and a Bachelor of Arts in European Business de l’université de Porstmouth (UK) in 2004.
Mr Hisham Ziatt Mr Hisham Ziatt is Board Member at Societe de Travaux de Realisation d'Ouvrages et de Construction since June 2008. He is also Chairman of Afrique Transport Levage since September 2012. He also owns 3.75% in Al Istimrar Holding. Mr Hicham Ziatt joined accounting firm in Paris in 2001. In 2004 he joined STROC Industrie as Financial Controller. He takes in hand the industrial body activity of the group in 2006 while in charge of Communication. In early 2010, he is responsible for creating and developing the Marketing and Communication STROC Industry. Before resuming his duties in the Management Control Division and SI as Director in 2011. Mr Hicham Ziatt holds a DUT of the IUT of Sceaux in Management and Business Administration in 2001, a Bachelor in management of business affairs in 2008 and obtained a master's degree in accounting and financial audit in an international environment of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse ontent in 2009.
Mr Reda Ziatt Mr Reda Ziatt is Board Member at Societe de Travaux de Realisation d'Ouvrages et de Construction since early May 2012.He is also Owns 3.75 % in Al Istimrar Holding. Reda Ziatt is an engineering student at l'Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris. He taught mathematics for two years during his studies in prep school. Since July 2010, six new independent directors were appointed on the Board of Directors in order to meet the new provisions and practices in terms of good corporate governance.
Ms Samar Rharbaoui Ms Samar Rharbaoui is Board Member at Zellidja. She serves as Managing Director at Valyans Intelligence since March 2015 & Managing Founder at Dunamis since July 2011. Previously, She held the position of the Executive Director at the ONA from April 2008 to February 2011 (2 years 11 months). She was a Member of the Board of Directors for several companies within ONA Group such as Cosumar, Onapar, Sopriam, Wana, Nareva. Also she is a Board Member at Al Baraka. She held also the position of Strategy and Development Director at SOMED from May 2006 to April 2008 (2 years) & was a Member of the board of Directors of Zellidja. Ms Samar was an Investment Director 4 years (2002-2006), Product development Manager & Portfolio Manager at CFG Group from September 1999 to December 2002 (3 years 4 months), Chief Investment Officer at CFG GESTION, subsidiary of CFG Group.She also was an Auditor at Salustro Reydel for 1 year (1998 – 1999).
Mr Driss Bencheikh Mr Driss Bencheikh is Chairman of Wafa Assurance.
Ms Sana Akhannouch Ms Sana Akhannouch owns 0.41% in Maghreb Oxygene since June 2014.
Ms Habiba Akhannouch Ms Habiba Akhannouch owns 1.39% in Maghreb Oxygene since June 2014.
Mr Mehdi Wakrim Mr Mehdi Wakrim owns 1.89% in Maghreb Oxygene since June 2014.
Mr Brahim Olammou Mr. Brahim Olammou is General Manager of Société de Promotion Pharmaceutique du Maghreb. He is also representative of Arabian Paper Manufacturing Co Ltd in Société de Promotion Pharmaceutique du Maghreb
Mr Oscar García Latorre Mr Oscar García Latorre is General Manager of Global Exchange Foreign Exchange Maroc since June 2012.

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