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Monday, October 31, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
BSE INVCORP Investcorp (BSE) USD 8.100 527,310
BSE BBK BBK (BSE) BHD 0.336 133,505
BSE AUB Ahli United (BSE) USD 0.635 127,000
BSE BCFC Bahrain Faciliti.. (BSE) BHD 0.660 87,851
BSE ITHMR Ithmaar (BSE) USD 0.105 55,020
BSE ALBH ALBA (BSE) BHD 0.310 44,089
BSE SEEF Seef (BSE) BHD 0.200 10,993
BSE BARKA Al Baraka Bankin.. (BSE) USD 0.480 8,600
BSE BISB BISB (BSE) BHD 0.115 7,311
BSE NBB NBB (BSE) BHD 0.705 3,978
No Future Corporate Actions
Date Company Type
22-Mar-2016 Falcon Cemen.. (BSE) IPO
14-Dec-2015 Bahrain Isla.. (BSE) Capital Increase
11-Jan-2015 Gulf Interna.. (TDWL) IPO
11-Jan-2015 Gulf Interna.. (BSE) IPO
04-Dec-2014 Zain Bahrain.. (BSE) IPO
26-May-2014 APM Terminal.. (BSE) IPO
27-Mar-2014 Bahrain Tour.. (BSE) Capital Increase
13-Feb-2012 Takaful Inte.. (BSE) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
18-Oct-2016 The Muharraq Mall Co WLL Completed
21-Sep-2016 Intigral Holding BSCc Offically Announced
22-Aug-2016 Bank Alkhair BSCc Offically Announced
22-Aug-2016 Bank Alkhair BSCc Due Diligence
14-Aug-2016 Al Ahlia Insurance - Bahrain In Progress
28-Jul-2016 Investcorp Bank Offically Announced
09-Jun-2016 Bahrain Tourism BSC Completed
01-May-2016 GFH Financial Group BSC Due Diligence
06-Apr-2016 Tala Property Development Completed