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Monday, October 24, 2016

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Company Price Turnover (USD)
TDWL 1150 Al Inma Bank (TDWL) SAR 12.90 89,367,324
TDWL 4300 Dar Al Arkan (TDWL) SAR 5.20 75,183,953
TDWL 2010 Sabic (TDWL) SAR 84.00 68,953,322
DFM GFH GFH Financial Gr.. (DFM) AED 1.160 43,366,665
TDWL 4030 Bahri (TDWL) SAR 32.10 42,044,760
TDWL 2350 Saudi Kayan (TDWL) SAR 6.45 29,782,870
TDWL 1120 Al Rajhi Bank (TDWL) SAR 54.00 27,977,109
TDWL 1201 Takween (TDWL) SAR 10.95 25,126,072
TDWL 4240 Al Hokair (TDWL) SAR 23.05 24,389,226
TDWL 1211 Ma'aden (TDWL) SAR 36.90 22,248,428
Ex-D. Date Company Type
24-Oct-2016 The Savola Group Cash Dividend
25-Oct-2016 Bawan Co Cash Dividend
26-Oct-2016 Saudi Telecom Cash Dividend
01-Nov-2016 Jarir Marketing Cash Dividend
06-Nov-2016 Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Cash Dividend
16-Nov-2016 Saudi Airlines Catering Co Cash Dividend
29-Dec-2016 Saudi Company for Hardware Cash Dividend
01-Jan-2017 Alujain Corp Cash Dividend
01-Jan-2017 Kingdom Holding Co Cash Dividend
Date Company Type
14-Nov-2016 Al Ramz Corp.. (DFM) Capital Increase
27-Oct-2016 Kuwait Cable.. (KSE) Capital Increase
23-Oct-2016 Takween Adva.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
23-Oct-2016 Takween Adva.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
23-Oct-2016 Takween Adva.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
19-Oct-2016 Bank Dhofar .. (MSM) Capital Increase
06-Oct-2016 Emirates Isl.. (DFM) Capital Increase
04-Oct-2016 Anaam Intern.. (TDWL) Capital Increase
Date Company Status
20-Oct-2016 Kuwait Food - Americana Completed
19-Oct-2016 Warba Bank Offically Announced
18-Oct-2016 The Muharraq Mall Co WLL Completed
17-Oct-2016 Nafais Holding Completed
13-Oct-2016 Rasmala Investments Oman LLC Completed
03-Oct-2016 Money Solutions Ltd Offically Announced
21-Sep-2016 Intigral Holding BSCc Offically Announced
19-Sep-2016 Mubasher Financial Services LL.. Completed
08-Sep-2016 Tadawul Global for Purchase an.. Approved